Hey. My name is Kassim Powell, and I’m a Houston, TX based Web Designer/Developer, Photographer, and Video Game and Technology junkie. I’m also finishing up my  Bachelor’s in Web Design and Interactive Media at the Art Institute of Houston this summer. I’m currently free to work on small-to-mid sized websites as I finish up my degree. Check out my portfolio, and if you like what you see, give me a shout.

When I’m not building websites, I enjoy writing, playing video games, listening to all kinds of music (often repeating a single track), watching movies, and learning about the latest and greatest developments in technology.


I specialize in building WordPress powered websites with an emphasis on the Front-end user interface and experience. Each website I build  includes reliable supporting software to cover the following areas:

  • Search Engine Optimization (SEO)
  • Website Security
  • Spam Protection (for Blogs)
  • Complete Website Backup Routines
  • Analytics (Google)
  • Social Network Integration

I normally charge set rates per project, but will provide an hourly rate and estimated time for completion should that be a more feasible arrangement. Please contact me if you’re interesting in finding out more.

If you’re a non-profit or other small business that isn’t quite able to meet my minimum budget requirements for your desired type of project, I’m also willing to consider work on a reduced cost or pro bono basis as time and finances allow.

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